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11 Ways You’re Killing Your Décor and Don’t Even Know It

Whether you’re an interior design pro or a DIY enthusiast, it’s easy to make decorating mistakes without even realizing it. From neglecting the power of texture to ignoring scale, here are some common mistakes that can kill the look of your room—and how to fix them. You may not even acknowledge it, but you could make common home decor mistakes. These mistakes can ruin the look of your home and make it seem cluttered or uninviting. This blog post will discuss 11 ways you may kill your decor without realizing it! We will provide tips on how to avoid these mistakes and create a beautiful and inviting home atmosphere.

Not Knowing the Power of Texture

The texture is one of the considerable consequential elements of any decor, as it adds visual interest and depth to a room. Neglecting texture can make a room seem flat while emphasizing texture can bring life into an otherwise dull space. For example, adding a throw blanket or cushion with an interesting pattern can make a room seem much more inviting, like area rugs with different textures to add depth and texture or simple curtains with interesting patterns.

Theme Overload

It’s great to have a theme in mind when decorating, but too much of the same style can make a space look cluttered and busy. Instead, mix things up by adding different textures or materials to break up the monotony. For example, use shades of blues and whites along with wood accents if you’re going for a nautical theme.

Neglecting Your Floor Space

Many people forget to take their floor into account when decorating. Although it may not be the most exciting part of your home, don’t neglect the power of a good rug or carpet. Not only do they add texture to a room, but they also define a space, help tie together different colors and styles, and can even provide insulation in cold climates. To update your decor, don’t forget about the flooring!

Going Too Matchy-Matchy

While having all your furniture match may seem like a good idea, this can be a huge mistake. Instead of having everything in the same style or color, break up the space with various textures and patterns. Try incorporating area rugs with different textures to add depth and texture or simple curtains with interesting patterns. Mixing materials and colors can provide an exciting contrast with your guests talking. For example, if you have a leather sofa with wooden legs, you can opt for bold and bright pillows to tie together the look.

Forgetting About Wall Art

No matter what color or style your decor is, wall art can tie together a room and add an extra layer of texture and design. It will help fill up empty walls and give the room a unique look that reflects your style. From classic paintings to modern abstract prints, you can find art pieces that fit your design and add an extra bit of flair to your decor. For example, if you are trying to achieve a minimalistic style, start by looking for simple designs with neutral colors.

Ignoring Lighting Needs

Lighting is a key factor in the look and feel of any room. Too much light or inaccurate lighting can be harsh on guests’ eyes, while too little light makes it difficult to see. Consider your wall color and furniture when selecting light fixtures to find the right balance. For example, an all-white room may benefit from warmer lighting tones, such as yellow or orange. And if you want to make a statement with your lighting, find unique fixtures that fit your design and add a bit of flair to your decor.

Skipping Color Coordination

One of the most challenging aspects of decorating is coordinating colors. You want to make sure that the colors you choose complement each other. As a rule, using no more than three primary colors in the same room is best. If you have multiple colors, try using shades and tones of those colors to keep the theme cohesive. For example, Blue Rugs with a Sage sofa & Ocean Blue pillows can unite the room. And avoid using too much black as it can make the room look dull.

Neglecting Balance

Balance is essential for creating a pleasant atmosphere. To create balance, try to establish a focal point. This can be done by having the largest piece of furniture in the room serve as the center of attention. Then, you’ll want to ensure an even distribution of color and pattern throughout the rest of the space. For example, if your focal point is a sofa, you can pair it with two armchairs or a coffee table in the same colors. You should also consider the size and scale of pieces when creating balance.

Ignoring Proportion

The size of a room matters when it comes to decorating. Make sure furniture, rugs, and artwork are all proportionate to the size of the room. A small couch in a large living room will look out of place, while an oversized piece of art can make a small space feel cluttered. For example, a small bedroom should feature a low-profile bed, while a larger living room can accommodate an oversized sofa. Also, keep in mind the scale of the pieces concerning each other. If the centerpiece of a room is a large couch, make sure the other pieces are proportionately smaller.

Hanging Art Too High

Your artwork must be hung at the right height. Art hung too high can make a room feel unbalanced and awkward. Instead, follow the rule that artwork should be hung at eye level. For example, if you are 6ft tall, hang the artwork about 5ft from the floor. They look best when placed at the same height throughout a space, and don’t forget to leave enough room between the artwork and furniture.

Going Overboard with Color

Too much color can be distracting and overwhelming to look at. To keep things balanced, stick to one or two colors within your decor. For example, you can choose a bold blue as your primary color, use a light yellow as an accent, and add dimension. Opt for something natural like wood or white for added contrast if you want to add a third color.


By avoiding these common mistakes when decorating, you can ensure that your home looks stylish and inviting no matter what your style is! Remember that proportion is important, and utilizing textures and patterns throughout any given space are key components that will make all the difference between an eyesore and an aesthetically pleasing setup! Lastly, don’t forget about color combinations-choosing complementary color don’t help tie every element together harmoniously while still staying true to your sense of style! RugKnots, a rug-selling website-based store, has a wide selection of rugs in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns that can create the perfect look for your home! Shop today and start creating an amazing design theme with our unique pieces. Let us help you turn your decor into something beautiful! Happy Decorating, and Good luck with all of your decorating endeavors!

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